Vanlife Log : Hot Springs Camping Bozeman, MT

Vanlife Log, day 26.  In need of a shower, (again) we pulled into a the parking lot of Bozeman Hot Springs.  The Husband had work to finish, and Baby needed a change of scenery adventure.  We left the van, and went to explore our new surroundings.  After spending the previous night at a Truck Stop,  Hot Springs camping sounded pretty luxurious.

Walking in, with baby in tow, a couple employees welcomed us, and told us we could feel free to look around.  

Excellent! We will do just that.  

Bozeman hot springs camping

Bozeman Hot Springs 
(406) 586-6492
81123 Gallatin Road
Bozeman, MT 59718

Open 7 days/ week 
Monday-Thursday 5:30am – 11:00pm
Friday 5:30am – Sundown
Saturday Sundown – 12:00am
Sunday 8:00am – 11:00pm

Similar to the World’s Largest Hot Springs Pool that we visited in Colorado, Bozeman Hot Springs is also designed with a variety of man made pools.  What was once just a single pool in the late 1800s, now has 12 pools filled with therapeutic natural hot spring waters.  There are both inside, and outside pools with ranging temperatures of 59 to 106 degrees.  Three of the four outdoor pools are a new addition to the property.  The outdoor area features 4 large pools, with beautiful plant and rock landscaping, lounge chairs, and an outdoor stage for live music.  

The Campground is located on the other side of the fence, which surrounds the outdoor springs

Hot Springs camping Bozeman Mt

Hot Springs Camping and Soaking Rates

  • $8.50 ages 14+
  • $7.50 ages 5-13 
  • $4 ages 0-4 
  • $50/ night with AAA discount (includes camping and hot springs passes for all campers, for all days you camp).

Hot springs camping with 12 Pools
Bozeman Hot Springs is a hot spring, but is also a full athletic facility.  The crowd is a mix of folks visiting for fitness, and folks simply looking to relax with a casual soak.  The ambience is set up to accommodate both crowds.

The front area has a handful of bar height tables and chairs.  The walls are lined with racks of candy, snacks, beverages, popsicles, and frozen burritos.  They also scoop local ice cream, press fresh orange juice, and blend up a variety of fruit and spinach smoothies.  Green Mango, Blueberry Peanut Butter, Strawberry Spinage Banana.

Hot springs camping strawberry banana smoothie

Bozeman Hot Springs Camping Wifi 

Both the hot springs, and campground areas offer free wifi.  However, the signal is light.  This wifi is designed more for checking email, than running a wifi phone and 9 work programs simultaneously.

Kid Friendly Fun

1. Free Floaties

Near the large inside pool, is a rack of floaties, swimmy arms, and inflatables.  They are owned by the hot springs, and are free for guests to borrow.  

2. Not Too Hot 

Indoor and outdoor pools running in the 90 degree range, are perfectly warm for the little ones to enjoy. 

3. Shallow Pools

A few of the pools have shallow areas on both ends.  The furthest outdoor pool was even shallow enough for our 19 month old to happily wobble around.

Copper pipes filter hot spring water to Bozeman hot springs camping area

Nearby Dinning & Coffee

If you need a little more sustenance than a frozen burrito and a smoothie, there is a wonderful bakery cafe nearby.  Less than half a mile down the road, the bakery is full of excellent homemade delights, and espresso beverages.  They also handmake beautiful pottery, and have a shop with unique items for purchase.

The Coffee Pot Bakery 
 (406) 586-2146
80795 Gallatin Rd 
Bozeman, MT 59718

Have you discovered any good Hot Spings in your travels?  We are currently in route and looking for more notable destinations to visit.  We would love to know what you know.  Tell me about it in the comments!

Planning to visit Montana?  Keep these Hot Springs in mind by pinning one of the pictures to your Pinterest.

Thanks for hanging out on our scenic route!

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