Homemade Garlic Herb Blender Pizza Sauce

Everyone, this is the pizza sauce you’ve dreamed of! A light and chunky tomato based sauce, seasoned only with natural sources. A bit of salt from kalamata olives, and a hint of sweet from dates. Spiked with raw garlic cloves, and fresh herbs to create a pizza sauce bursting with savory flavors. And it is so easy to whip up, as this blender pizza sauce comes together in a single step. Blend!

Serves: 32oz Mason Jar


2 medium size whole tomatoes

1 Large can Fire roasted Diced tomato

1 Carrot

3 Cloves Garlic

1/4 onion

Pinch of parsley

Pinch of Basil

3 Dates

2 tablespoon good quality olive oil (Pasolivo)

4 Kalamata olives

1 small zucchini



Spread over pizza crust, like this Vegan Pizza below (recipe coming up next!) , or enjoy warm with pasta.

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