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DIY Sprinter Conversion Van. Fresh Organic Recipes. Travel Stories and Inspiration from the Scenic Route with Baby and Pup

Vanlife Log : Preface

Welcome to this new series of mini posts on Van Life, real time.  We are stoked to have you on our scenic route!  On the Van Life Log, you will find fresh up-to-date, little snippets of fun, and useful information, such as……… Quick Tips & Road Tricks Wifi Stats Good Local Food & Coffee Finds  Kid/ Baby Friendly Fun  Dog Friendly Fun Places to Sleep and Shower on the Cheap.. Read More

The Story: Buying a Sprinter Van

Mercedes Sprinter cargo van high top In the mountains on a sunny day

WANDERLUST – wän•der•lust – being in a continual state of exploration We have a baby now, so obviously we’ll be needing a nice family van.  A nice large, responsible family van.  A nice blacked out, windowless, unmarked family van.  It is possible that we may have misinterpreted the statistic of “family van”. Or maybe we did not. A van could insure that the exploration continues.  A van would be big.. Read More

The Story: The Edge Travel Trailer 

As the seasons started to shift, the ocean turned a bit brisk for what a 3:2 wetsuit comfortably supports, and our mail hold extension was nearing the point of possibly being returned to sender, it was decided to take a brief regrouping back home.  The weeds creeped above the fence line, prepping our house nicely for Halloween.  The puppy’s kiddy pool was filled with some of the rains the home.. Read More

The Story: Adventure in a Red Camper

Free Spirit Adventuring [verb]; to continually seek the the next new paradise, with no plan or exact destination in mind, but rather the experience of the adventure itself, for none other than the thrill of change and discovery of the unknown  The feel of being on the edge of discovering something new, living minimalistic for the experience instead of the stuff, this is where “good” is.  This is the Adventure.. Read More