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New Mom Raspberry Chia Seed Pudding 

Chia seed pudding with coconut and raspberries

Happy Mothers Day Moms!  My gift to you is a delicious and healthy recipe, that can be used whenever you need a day off from cooking breakfast.  This Chia Seed Pudding takes just 5 min to prep, and can be prepared the night before.  The magic that turns these little seeds into a pudding delight, actually happens in the fridge, overnight, while you are (hopefully) sleeping.   Chia Seed pudding.. Read More

Simple Orange Zest Biscuits with Honey Butter

Orange zest biscuits and honey butter

Spring is here, and bringing with it many rainy mornings.  These are the most perfect of all mornings for baking something warm and delicious.  We are visiting family, which gives me access to an oven.  While traveling in the van, I really miss baking.  When an opportunity for baking arises, I take it.  This morning, that opportunity is here with Orange Zest Biscuits.  (No complaints from the locals so far).. Read More

Strawberry Christmas Bread with crisped pecan topping

Strawberry Christmas Bread with crispy pecan topping

A purée of fresh strawberries are mixed into this Christmas Bread, for a lightly sweetened flavor, that is wildly delicious.  A Christmas Bread recipe that is everything a Christmas Bread should be.  Each piece is decadently moist, with a fluffy, and somewhat airy texture.  The top is perfectly crisped, and filled with a pleasingly nutty pecan crunch.  It is a true holiday treat, worthy of sharing at any Christmas table… Read More

Big Spiral Layered Sugary Cinnamon Rolls 

Jumbo big layered cinnamon rolls

The essence of warm cinnamon rolls, and fresh coffee fills the air of Christmas morning.  Peeking through the oven door window, I watch as caramelized cinnamon sugary goo, drips from the spiral layers of these jumbo rolls.  I’m getting super excited watching this magic happen.  Thank goodness I took the recommendation of adding a piece of foil beneath the pan, to catch the cinnamon overflow. The sugary sauce is actually.. Read More

Thanksgiving Leftovers Quesadilla with Cranberry Sauce

Holiday leftovers quesadilla with cranberry sauce

Thanksgiving leftovers are one of the best parts of Thanksgiving.  Sometimes the leftovers are almost better than the meal itself!  And did we have leftovers this year?  So many Thanksgiving leftovers! For the past 6 years we have gotten together for what is becoming known as the annual “Orphan Thanksgiving”.  A happy hodgepodge of people, not from the area, who don’t make it home to see family.  Sometimes as many.. Read More

Fresh Cranberry Sauce with Ginger and Pineapple 

Whole fresh cranberries cooking on the stove with ginger, sugar, and pineapple

Have you tasted fresh cranberry sauce made from real, whole cranberries?  If you think you don’t like cranberry sauce, I would recommend trying this recipe, it is likely to change your mind.  I used to think cranberry sauce was made in a can.  It was some sort of canning, or pickling process, that turned the cranberries into a cranberry sauce.  This can shaped infamous cranberry sauce is the only way.. Read More

Ginger Molasses Cookies with Walnuts

Ginger Molasses Walnut Cookies cooling on a plate

This is not for the basic chocolate chip or classic peanut butter cookie lovers of the world.  No. These cookies, these Ginger Molasses Cookies, are for a finer taste.  A true spiced cookie, with the heat of crystallized ginger, and subtle dark sweetness of molasses.  This is a special treat, and sure to add a dash of goodness to any day. It was a day when full access to a.. Read More

1st Birthday Cake & Party for under $25!

The 1st Birthday, the big number 1!  For some good simple baby fun, focus on the 5 senses to create a total sensory experience for baby.    Sound. Sight. Touch. Smell. Taste.   Sound Play music, clap for baby, provide lots of fun crinkly wrapping paper to tear and shake Sight Use bright colors and eye catching patterns for wrapping paper, ribbons, balloons, and plastic table cloth Touch Let baby.. Read More

Cinnamon Toast with Caramelized vegan Banana Butter

Cinnamon swirl bread pairs perfectly with fresh blueberries, and warm caramelized vegan banana butter.  This “butter” is completely vegan, as it is made solely of melted banana.  Soaked in sweetened cinnamon, that loaf of bread is the source of the cinnamon aroma that’s been filling the van these last couple days. Traveling our cinnamon scented van a little further south on the California coast, we took up an offer from.. Read More

Bite sized Strawberry Cream Pies

Mini strawberry pies with whipped cream

 The van kitchen is of simplistic form, but not much is needed for this recipe, as it can easily come together with 1 pot over a single burner, and 1 mini prep running off the solar for whip cream blending. Simple as it is, there are a few added luxuries we agreed were necessary when configuring the build out. Like the Nespresso espresso machine. Yes, we did totally calculate our.. Read More