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Nicaragua Conversions for US Travelers

Good tree in Nicaragua conversions for travelers

Here’s a nice little cheat sheet of Nicaragua conversions for US travelers.  Simple Fahrenheit to Celsius conversions are on the chart below. But if you are like me and like the math, and you just gotta know the how and why, here’s the calculations as well.   This will come in handy when you’ve finally made it to a luxurious A/C room off the grid, and keep waking up freezing.. Read More

The Boom Nicaragua

The sound of wax rubbing on a surf board interrupts the whomping purr of our A/C fan, and I wake up.  “I’m going out for a paddle before breakfast”, he whispered to me as the sun peaked through our windows.  Ok hun.  I laid there for a moment, listening to the tropical twitter of morning birds and soft breezes.  The ocean would still be there when I was ready to.. Read More

The Perfect Rum: No Hang Over!?

If you’ve traveled to Nicaragua, you will notice a great deal of marketing for Flor de Caña rum.  Flor de Caña translates beautifully to “sugar cane flower”.  Once you step utside of the airport, you will have the opportunity to partake in the delicious local market version of this rum.  The local market rum holds a slightly lower alcohol content. In my experience, this appears to be the secret behind.. Read More

Northern Nicaragua

In November/ December, Nicaragua is filled with lush greenery, as the wet season comes to an end, but its not quite  fully transitioned into the dry season.  Waves are smaller, but consistent, and you can often find the beaches all to yourself.  If you’re seeking A/C, hot running water, TV, or cell phone service, this is not your vacation.  Most places this way offer a different type of luxury.  Whether.. Read More

Nicaragua, a 1st visit to a 3rd world

Aeropuerto Internacional Managua, Nicaragua It is highly recommended not to fly in at dark, and not to accept rides from unmarked cabs when visiting Central America. I’m also told it is a good rule of thumb to know the language, and hide a little money in your shoe. However, to maximize our vacation time, we flew out directly after work that evening, and landed in Managua, Nicaragua at 11:08pm. We.. Read More