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Vanlife Log: Woodfire Pizza and Parking Lot Slumber

Parking lot slumber in a van

80 days of this travel lifestyle on the road.  The day is warm and the night is young.  It’s the weekend, and the world is ours to go out and get.  We go out to Home Depot.  Very few days are the same, and we almost never know where we will end up.  We drove for most of today, and then ended up spending the night at a lovely wood.. Read More

Historical California Drive Thru Trees

California Drive through redwood trees

In the northern part of California, there is some unique West Coast history, that has been something of an attraction since the late 1800’s.  Drive Thru Trees are visited by thousands of tourists every year.  People come from all over to take in a piece of history, first hand.  These giant trees can hold life spans upwards of 3000 years. The idea of rolling a vehicle through a tree, originated.. Read More

Highway 10 to Ca (again)..again

With the sun setting, we settled in for many road hours ahead.  I filled Fyn up with rice cereal and she was content snoozing in her car seat.   Everything seemed to be working well on the Sprinter thru to morning, when we stopped in NM at Milagro Coffee Y Espresso.  I was hoping for one of the huge almond croissants pictures on Yelp, but they were out. Dang! From Las.. Read More

Blue Jellyfish at Ventura Point

At The Point for a quick surf, and some playtime for the pup.  A slight dead fish scent in the air, we found the beach covered in pretty electric blue jellies.  Rows of fairly live ones were washing up with each wave, and further up the beach many had dried into the sand and nearly disappeared.  Not sure of their stinging potential, I held the dog back until I noticed.. Read More

Rincon Parkway, CA: Boondocking

Rincon Parkway is the cheapest out of the Ventura County Beach parks, with nearby campgrounds running as much as $60/ night.  No hook-ups, but if you run low on water, you can get a nice $10 BPA free 5 gallon collapsible jug at the REI, about 10 min away………and, if you’re strategic about it,  you just might be able to fill it up in their upstairs bathroom.  We got there midweek.. Read More

3 Greater Santa Barbara Restaurants You Must Try

Santa Barbara restaurants

91 days from home, and too many of which had been spent in the cold, we were ready for some beach time.  It was dinner time when we came through Nipomo, CA and thought about checking out Jocko’s Steakhouse.   Every time we’ve drove this way for the last 8 years, my husband has told me about this rundown place with terrible service where you could get the most amazing steaks.. Read More

SoCal in December

With one day to sit still before getting back on the road, we parked it at the beach.  Gorgeous, and unlikely sunny for December, I spent nearly the whole day on this rock, soaking up sun and vitamin D, trying to scare away the stupid morning all day sickness.

Highway 10 to CA (again)

It was 2am, a week later then we planned to leave, and we were still packing.  A migraine took me down and we decided there was no sense leaving now, we’d just sleep and go in the morning.  A full 12 hours later and finally, we made our escape out of Texas. With so much additional storage room, it took a considerable amount of time longer to pack then last.. Read More

San Simeon campground and Hearst Castle

San Simeon State Park is located 35 miles north of San Luis Obispo on Highway 1, and about 5 miles south of the historic Hearst Castle.  If you’re in for a road trip, this is a great little piece of history to check out, just 4 hours from San Francisco or Los Angeles.  A variety of castle tours are offered daily starting at 9am, with adult tickets starting at $25 and.. Read More

Highway 10 to California Roadtrip

Hours later I woke up at a gas station somewhere inside of El Paso. The iPad alarm, which had been set for 6:15, was repeatedly going off. It was now 6:45, meaning neither one of us had been consious enough to hear it for half an hour. The Husband’s eyes bloodshot from having been up at 5am the morning of the day before, and driving through to this morning. I.. Read More