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Pulled Bison Brisket with Onions and Peppers

Slow roasted pulled Bison brisket

Bison (Buffalo meat), is very lean in comparison to traditional red meat.  Even though it is becoming more popular and easier to find at many grocery markets, Bison is still considered wild game.  Because of their size, almost all Bison are raised to roam free, and are mostly grass-fed.  This makes them a great source of pure lean protein.   If you have not tried Bison, this Pulled Bison Brisket.. Read More

Smashed Avocado Toast

Easy Smashed avocado on toasted bread

For a simple morning fix or easy snack, Smashed Avocado Toast is undoubtedly impressive.  The preparation is pretty fail proof, getting a good avocado is where the deliciousness of your results may yield some variance. When picking avocados at the grocery, always seek avocados that are an all over solid color, without blemishes. Next you need to ask yourself, “Hey self, do I want to eat avocados now, or later?”.. Read More

Sweet Potato Hash with Avocado

Sweet potato hash and avocado in a warm flour tortilla

Warm Sweet Potato Hash with Avocado is a flavor sensory overload! Naturally sweet, sweet potato, savory caramelized red onions, melted mozzarella, and fresh avocado.  A delicious egg-free vegetarian breakfast, to spice up that standard American bacon and eggs breakfast.  Wrap it all together in a warmed tortilla, and you won’t miss the eggs, not even a little bit. If you omit the cheese, we can have a little extra fun.. Read More

Citrus Roasted Kale with Sea Salt

Roasted superfood kale with fresh squeezed lemon and sea salt

Salty, lemony, kale-y?  Citrus Roasted Kale is all that, and more.  Often referred to as the “The world’s healthiest food”, kale holds an extensive list of nutricional benefits.  Some, of the many, being that kale is high in anti-oxidants, vitamin C, A, and K. Much hardier than spinach, kale holds its shape and does not shrink down as much when cooked.  Roast it a little longer for more crisp and.. Read More

Autumn Gold Dal with Jasmine Rice and Cilantro

Autumn Gold Dal with turmeric, cilantro, naan, and jasmine rice

Autumn Gold Dal is a delicious blend of warm red lentils, and fresh immunity boosting spices. Turmeric and ginger are full of rich antioxidents, and anti-inflammatory properties.  Jalapeño and garlic hold immunity, and metabolism boosting benefits.  When these fresh spices simmer together, they create a warm and comforting Dal.  Not only is it packed full flavor, its also completely vegan!  Whether you are vegan or not, this recipe is sure.. Read More

Thanksgiving Leftovers Quesadilla with Cranberry Sauce

Holiday leftovers quesadilla with cranberry sauce

Thanksgiving leftovers are one of the best parts of Thanksgiving.  Sometimes the leftovers are almost better than the meal itself!  And did we have leftovers this year?  So many Thanksgiving leftovers! For the past 6 years we have gotten together for what is becoming known as the annual “Orphan Thanksgiving”.  A happy hodgepodge of people, not from the area, who don’t make it home to see family.  Sometimes as many.. Read More

Rainbow Kelp Noodle Salad with Jalapeño Peanut sauce

Vegan Kelp Noodle salad with jalapeño ginger sauce

Rainbow kelp noodle salad is full of fresh crunchy veggies and delicious kelp noodles. It’s completely raw, vegan, gluten free, paleo, and so good that you won’t notice the other 4.  Alone, the salad is good, but this sauce, this jalapeño ginger peanut sauce, this is what does it.  With spice from the jalapeño, subtle sweet from the peanut butter, and a hidden heat you get from true ginger. With.. Read More

Beet and Carrot confetti 

Farmers Markets, they get me every time.  The smiles on the vendors faces, the samples, tables overloaded with beautiful selections of fresh fruits and veggies, I have to fill my bags, there’s no way around it.  But with just a 50 quart ARB fridge in the van, we run out of cold room fairly quick, and I’m presented with the challenge of finding new ways to quickly use these farmers.. Read More

Steak and Veggie Mix Grill

Steak Mix Grill with Bell Pepper and Broccoli

Simply seasoned steak and broccoli along side naked red bell peppers makes for a perfect camping dinner, that is super simple to do with minimal supplies, and practically no dishes.  (Yeah!). This entire meal can be put together with only.. 1 knife (if you share) 2 forks 2 pieces of foil 2 paper plates ….and of course, my trusty little table top grill ! It’s been an awesome cooking vessel, easy to.. Read More