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New Mom Raspberry Chia Seed Pudding 

Chia seed pudding with coconut and raspberries

Happy Mothers Day Moms!  My gift to you is a delicious and healthy recipe, that can be used whenever you need a day off from cooking breakfast.  This Chia Seed Pudding takes just 5 min to prep, and can be prepared the night before.  The magic that turns these little seeds into a pudding delight, actually happens in the fridge, overnight, while you are (hopefully) sleeping.   Chia Seed pudding.. Read More

1st Birthday Cake & Party for under $25!

The 1st Birthday, the big number 1!  For some good simple baby fun, focus on the 5 senses to create a total sensory experience for baby.    Sound. Sight. Touch. Smell. Taste.   Sound Play music, clap for baby, provide lots of fun crinkly wrapping paper to tear and shake Sight Use bright colors and eye catching patterns for wrapping paper, ribbons, balloons, and plastic table cloth Touch Let baby.. Read More

Broccoli Apple Coconut Oil baby food

Adventuring beyond purées, and into stage 2 baby foods, the introduction of new textures, spices and soft pieces of things to taste.  Broccoli Apple Coconut Oil is a perfect recipe for little foodies. Baby is now prefering little pieces of just about anything she can get her tiny hands around, especially if it’s something we are eating.  She looks right at you, big eyes following that bite from your hand to.. Read More

Baby Fruit Salad

Tiny chopped pieces of fresh fruits for Baby!  I’ve been keeping a little reusable Tupperware container in my purse, and filling it with easy snacks for baby Fynlie. Usually Happy Baby superfood puffs that come in fun flavors like sweet potato-carrot, kale-spinach-apple, and blueberry-purple carrot.  There’s not much too them as far as calories, so I use them for more of a distraction tool.  Anyway, we ran out of puffs.. Read More

Sweet Potato and Beet purée 

So many fruits and veggie options, and nearly all of them can be puréed!  We just started experimenting beyond the rice cereal stage, and are jumping into the fun of baby purées with little Fyn.  Everything blends to the prettiest colors, and it’s so enjoyable to watch her little face take in all these first bites.  Curious big eyes, a nose crinkle, happy hands, all sorts of new excitement  beams.. Read More

Month 3 Postpartum: Sleep

Last Sunday I woke the husband up for work.  No, he doesn’t work Sundays.  I thought it was Monday. Its 1 o’clock, finally got baby down for her morning nap.  Yup.  Everything was going just fine, I read it was time to start implementing a schedule, we were on a nice 10am ish 3 hour nap, followed by some play time and looking at stuff, then a nice power nap.. Read More

Month 2 Postpartum Workout

Ehhhh… Back on the old horse.  The doc gave the clear to workout, and I meant to get right on that, but I’m exhausted and a postpartum workout is pretty much the last thing I feel like doing when I do get a few precious free moments.  But I gotta do it, even if its only 15 min, I know I’ll feel better after. Start your day with success and.. Read More

Week 8 Postpartum: Baby Vaccines

Fynlie got her first shot today.  I wrapped her up in a soft blankey and nursed her while they swabbed her tiny thigh with cold alcohol, and she let out her first little “waah”.  I was hoping nursing would distract her, and maybe she wouldn’t notice the shot.  It had worked with the puppy.   5 years ago we found our fluffy little Britney Spaniel on Craig’s list, and as.. Read More

Week 4 Postpartum: Sleep deprived and homebound

I don’t think I’m ever really completely asleep now, my mind is fully set to baby and I can wake up right before a cry starts.  The little cries seem to linger elusively in my mind, like the feeling of being on a boat, or seeing waves when you close your eyes after a full day in the ocean.  Sometimes I hear her cry when I close my eyes and.. Read More

Week 1 Postpartum

Labor feels like forever ago but we still can’t believe we have her.  And while everything can be on the verge of falling apart at anytime, when it’s good, it’s so good that you forget it ever wasn’t.  The newborn world is all a very delicate Eco system with one thing working one minute and then never again, for no reason in particular, making you second guess anything you thought.. Read More