Vegan Lettuce Wraps with Cilantro Ginger Sauce

Fresh green leaves of lettuce are filled with an abundance of rainbow colored veggies. These are one of the prettiest Vegan Lettuce Wraps ever! This entire recipe is almost completely made of veggies, nuts, and seeds. Look no further, your Meatless Monday recipe is here!

This healthy plant based dish starts with a bed of shredded raw purple cabbage. Then we cover the cabbage with crispy bits of tofu, water chestnuts, and bell peppers sautéed in a homemade hoisin-style sauce. Then top it with green onion, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

Are you getting excited yet? But wait, there’s more! Build your lettuce wrap with even more veggies and stack them high with peels of rainbow carrots, and raw beets.

And don’t forget the sauce! Fresh cilantro, sweet pickled ginger, crunchy fresh ground nut butter, real lime and a hot jalapeño. The cilantro ginger sauce is so ridiculously good, you may end up licking the spoon. And that’s totally ok.

Make them for dinner or for lunch. Take them to a party as a fun healthy appetizer, or enjoy the leftovers for breakfast with coffee. There is no wrong way to enjoy these pretty Vegan Lettuce Wraps!

Serving Size: 4-6

Note: add an extra tofu package for leftovers


2 Packages Xtra firm Tofu

2 cans water chestnuts

1 red or yellow or orange bell pepper

4 cloves garlic

1 Jar (6.7 oz) Ginger People pickled sushi ginger (save the juice for sauce)

3 Tablespoons soy sauce


Filling Sauce

1 Lime or lemon

1 tablespoon Rice Vinegar

2 Tablespoons Agave

2 Tablespoons Molasses

2 Tablespoons Peanut butter

2 Tablespoons Soy sauce


Shredded purple cabbage


Green onions

Sesame seeds

On the side


Carrot peels

Beet peels


1) Squeeze excess water from tofu with a cheese cloth or paper towels. Crumble into a bowl.

2) Heat oil in a large pan med/high

3) Add tofu. Cook and flip until crispy. (About 5 min each side) 

4) Chop water chestnuts, bell pepper, garlic, and ginger. Add to tofu. Cook and stir a few more min.

5) Lower to med/ low, drizzle with soy sauce, and continue to cook and stir.

6) Mix Filling Sauce ingredients in a small bowl. Pour over tofu.

7) Stir and toss with peanuts.

8) Assemble: spread shredded cabbage over a large platter, scoop tofu on top, add Toppings

Serve with carrot and beet peels and Cilantro Ginger sauce

Cilantro Ginger Sauce (Blend)

3 Tablespoons Peanut butter

1 fresh squeezed Lime or lemon

Ginger juice (from pickled ginger jar)

1/2 bunch cilantro

Water (to thin) couple teaspoons or so

1 Jalapeño, seeds removed (optional)

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