Welcome  to the scenic route!  Our focus is to get as much fun out of this life as possible.  We are a health conscious, minimalist minded family, full of love for good food, and outdoor adventure.  


In 2015, we bought an empty 158wb Mercedes Sprinter and converted it into a tiny home on wheels. We had some knowledge of building simple things, but no prior home building experience. With the help of this blog and this blog and this forum and this and this YouTube channel, we learned the rest. We remodeled the van twice.  Raising the bed to make more space for our growing baby to play, and adding a wood burning fireplace to make camping in the snow more fun.

The goal of Vanlife was to show our baby the snow, and ocean before her first birthday.  She touched them both by 8 months.

Our first trip lasted 9 months.  At age 1, our Little One had lived in a van for  most of her life.  ( I can’t wait to tell her that). We mostly built the van on the road, in campgrounds, and in friends driveways.  Our travels took us to breathtaking views of Colorado, epic forests, snow, and surf  in Oregon, wide open spaces of Jackson Hole WY, along beautiful coast lines of California,  intense desert sun in a 5 day cross-country ride through AZ, without AC, in summer.  And so so many more.  


The original purpose of this blog was to simply be a place to store recipes.  I remember sitting on the counter as a kid helping Mom make pies.  Before the days of IPhones, you could find me sitting in the cookbook isle of Barnes and Nobles scribbling down recipe ideas on a notepad.  

I do not follow any one diet specifically, but I do enjoy cooking with a variety of ingredients, favoring organic whole foods, in a clean health conscious way.  I absolutely love cooking with a rainbow of colors and spices.

Travel with a Baby and a Pup

The Pup has snuck into more hotels than I can count.  Our little one has been driving country roads since she was 2 and 1/2.  They both love swimming, coconut oil, and snuggles.  Watching them have fun is the best part of all this wandering.