Salt Sugar Sea

A guy, a girl, baby and a pup permanently on the scenic route, converting a Sprinter Van as we go, seeking adventure & simplicity to remind ourselves how little we need to be happy - in route as of December 2015

Free Places to freshen up on the road


I wake up in a parking lot, my arm numb from cuddling baby back to sleep in the early hours. The Husband sitting on the spare bus seat (wedged between the dog and infant car seat) staring into the glowing light of laptop glory. The once vacant floor space, occupied with a way-too-big-for-the-van baby jumper, a large heavy roll of sandy fake grass, a table top BBQ grill, and a couple pieces of.. Read More

Cashew Dal with Jasmine Rice


This cashew dal of red lentils and fresh immunity boosting spices is an excellent recipe for camping and travel, as all ingredients are dry ingredients and can be stored without refrigeration.  The cilantro will wilt faster if not kept cool, but refrigeration is not a total must.  The Husbands sister is an amazing cook, and has especially wonderful ideas for vegan recipes.  She introduced us to this dal when we were doing this.. Read More

1st Birthday Cake & Party for under $25!


The 1st Birthday, the big number 1!  For some good simple baby fun, focus on the 5 senses to create a total sensory experience for baby.    Sound. Sight. Touch. Smell. Taste.   Sound Play music, clap for baby, provide lots of fun crinkly wrapping paper to tear and shake Sight Use bright colors and eye catching patterns for wrapping paper, ribbons, balloons, and plastic table cloth Touch Let baby explore the cake,.. Read More

Off grid diy AC, great for pets!


DIY AC unit is energy efficient, takes just 10 min to build, and costs less then $35!  It is perfect for garages, RVs, converted van’s and road trips.  It’s cooling power comes directly from frozen ice.  Depending on which type of fan you choose, it can be battery powered or electric powered.  We used a small personal fan that runs off just 1.5 amps, and plugs directly into our 300 watt solar system.. Read More

Cinnamon Toast with Caramelized vegan Banana Butter


Cinnamon swirl bread from Trader Joe’s is pretty much a big cinnamon roll, in the shape of a loaf of bread.  Soaked in sweetened cinnamon, it is the source of the cinnamon aroma that’s been filling the van these last couple days.   Traveling our cinnamon scented van a little further south on the California coast, we took up an offer from a previous neighboring camper, to explore some rural property in the.. Read More

#Vanlife Moonlight


206 days on the road.   The continual state of exploration fueling the inspiration that moves this adventure onward.  Exciting and fun, but even so, there are moments when splashes of mainstream living are missed. I miss peeing barefoot.   Tiptoeing down a soft carpeted hallway in the middle of the night, one eye open, I know the route by heart,  and can find it there and back still half asleep, without a possibility.. Read More

Strawberries & cream pies


Sliced and sugared strawberries bubble over the stove, warming until a thin layer of sugar froth forms on top, reminiscent of the crema found on the top of a proper espresso.   Since we have no patience to let them cool, we spoon the warm strawberries straight from the pot, into tiny phyllo dough cups, and then cover each one with freshly whipped cream. Warm, sweet strawberries, melting whipped cream and crisp little.. Read More

Citrus Roasted Kale


Salty, lemony, kale-y? Yum, roasted superfoods.  This roasted kale recipe is super simple to put together, cooks in under 10 minutes, and is a great greens option for the table.  Every meal needs a green, I think.  Much hardier than spinach, kale holds its shape and doesn’t shrink as much when cooked.  Roast it a little longer for more crisp and crunch, or a little less for softer results.  I enjoy it charred,.. Read More

Sprinter Van Conversion window shades


Good blackout window shades are an ultimate necessity in the business of stealthy camping.  They provide insulation, privacy, and keep the outside oblivious of the happenings on the inside.  I suppose one can buy window shades online, but I happened to have a bit of Reflectix left over and was in the DIY mood, so, ok everybody it’s arts & crafts time, grab your supplies! Ingredients 1 XLG large window shade Reflectix Spray.. Read More

Beet and Carrot confetti 


Farmers Markets, they get me every time.  The smiles on the vendors faces, the samples, tables overloaded with beautiful selections of fresh fruits and veggies, I have to fill my bags, there’s no way around it.  But with just a 50 quart ARB fridge in the van, we run out of cold room fairly quick, and I’m presented with the challenge of finding new ways to quickly use these farmers market treasures.  For.. Read More