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Vanlife Log: Popsicle Pit Stops for Summer Travel

Van life log Flying baby popsicle pit stop

Somewhere in between nowhere, we pull off the road to briefly expand our living space. Lively hot air swirls around us in a sticky breeze.  This is just one of many popsicle pit stops that we will take on the journey. The Husband lifts Baby to the sky.  Kicking and giggling, she flys. I wonder if she knows how unordinary her days are.  I can’t believe we are taking this.. Read More

Apache Pine Wooden Watch Review

Apache pine wooden watch review

A wooden watch review for adventure seekers, and adventure dreamers alike.  This watch is designed to be worn in both the wild, and in civilization.  Constructed of light woods, durable leather and timeless stainless steel.  Apache Pine watches are made to ride along on any of your life’s adventures.   The company was brought together by a group of friends with exploration roots from the Rocky Mountains of Idaho.  Apache Pine.. Read More

Simple Life Birthday

Simple life birthday hiking in blue high heels

It’s my birthday.  I put in high heels and go to a spa, all by myself.  The Husband takes the baby and pup with him.  For this part of the day I am only responsible for myself, and a 1/2 pint of pistachio gelato that I’ll enjoy while sitting in traffic.  It’s a simple life birthday, but the best ones always are. I arrive at the spa early so there.. Read More

6 Simple Tricks to Grow Instagram Followers

Grow instagram followers

Social media has become our generation’s prefered form of marketing.  TV, radio commercials, and newspaper adds are out.  We want our information fast, and if possible, in the form of a picture.  It’s a fun game of popularity, with many ways to win and grow instagram followers.   There are not enough hours in the week to tackle all the tricks, especially if social media is just 1 part of.. Read More

Vanlife Log: Woodfire Pizza and Parking Lot Slumber

Parking lot slumber in a van

80 days of this travel lifestyle on the road.  The day is warm and the night is young.  It’s the weekend, and the world is ours to go out and get.  We go out to Home Depot.  Very few days are the same, and we almost never know where we will end up.  We drove for most of today, and then ended up spending the night at a lovely wood.. Read More

Perfect Pour Over Coffee Review

Perfect pour over coffee

Over the last 5 years, I have acquired a real interest in coffee.  An interest in the form of a mild obsession.  An obsession that has me craving a good coffee on a daily basis.  However, a truely good coffee that is made right, can be a bit of a treasure hunt.  Although, seeking that coffee gold, is part of the fun.  When we do find a perfect Pour Over.. Read More

Vanlife Log: Campervan Fire Mishap

Campervan fireplace

The days of California are filled with warm sunshine.  The mornings and evenings, however, can be a bit brisk.  Before we climb into bed, The Husband will stock our Dickson Marine Fireplace with crumpled newspaper, and chips of Duraflame Log.  Come morning, all we have to do is light a match.  Instantly the van will be warm, and cozy.  Today, this method of lighting a fire in the dark, led.. Read More

New Mom Raspberry Chia Seed Pudding 

Chia seed pudding with coconut and raspberries

Happy Mothers Day Moms!  My gift to you is a delicious and healthy recipe, that can be used whenever you need a day off from cooking breakfast.  This Chia Seed Pudding takes just 5 min to prep, and can be prepared the night before.  The magic that turns these little seeds into a pudding delight, actually happens in the fridge, overnight, while you are (hopefully) sleeping.   Chia Seed pudding.. Read More

Top Travel Cleaning Supplies for Van Dwellers

Vanlife cleaning supplies

In most situations, I lean all green, chemical-free, plant based, holistic and natural.  I hold my cleaning supplies to these standards as well.  Except, when we are traveling in the van.  Cleaning supplies for Van Dwellers and Road Trippers must be at a higher level of clean.  Travel cleaning supplies need to provide a sanitized clean. Cleaning your own dirt is one thing.  Cleaning germs from someone else’s dirt is.. Read More

Vanlife Log: Seeking Sunshine

Vanlife seeking sunshine

58 days on the road.  Nearly all of which have been spent in snow, rain, and cold.  Seeking sunshine, we said goodbye to Oregon. Parked on the streets of upper middle suburbia, I began the rearrange shuffle that takes place each morning.  The first task is always folding up the Pack ‘N Play  I can either balance between our wall shelves and kitchen counter to Spider-Man myself over the pack.. Read More